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Henry Higgins Bullfighter - Colour Paper Art Print

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Henry Higgins -

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Limited Edition


Artwork by Mervyn Suart of Henry Higgins, a fully-fledged English matador who's professional ring name was Canadas. He chose his name to sound more Spanish but the Spanish referred to him as El Ingles, the Englishman. He was managed by no less than Brian Epstein, the so called 'fifth Beatle'.

Higgins had a colourful and interesting life. Born in Bogotá in 1944 to a British father and Mexican-Irish mother, he was later educated in England. Forever craving adventure, he sadly died in 1978 following a hang-gliding accident.

These high-quality limited-edition colour paper prints use Tintoretto paper for prints up to A3 size. Prints larger than A3 use 190gsm flat matt paper. Each available artwork in this section only has a limited stock of 200. Each copy will be signed and numbered by Mervyn’s daughter Susan.

Watermarks and copyright notices shown on images are not present on the actual artworks for sale. Each art piece is carefully packaged for safe and secure delivery.

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