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Bandana - Naked Male Upper Torso - Vinyl Art Mural for Glass

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Bandana -

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Vinyl for Glass

Black & White

The artist's work presents the bare torso of a handsome man wearing a bandana on his head.

A charming black and white mural that can be applied to any glass surface like, for example, a shower cubicle.

The vinyls on glass use a high quality material chosen for its ease of application to glass and glass like materials such as acrylic and polycarbonate. Vinyl prints have an opaque background, and are visible from both sides of the glass. Unlike most vinyls, this is manufactured using air release vinyl material which can deal with unsatisfactory positioning or flatness in laying by pulling the vinyl away and starting again. The vinyls are supplied with full fitting instructions together with an applicator. Fitting them only requires modest skill, although the wider prints may require help from a second person.

Watermarks and copyright notices shown on images are not present on the actual artworks for sale. Each art piece is carefully packaged for safe and secure delivery.

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