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Life History of Artist Mervyn Suart

Mervyn Suart Artist - A Brief History

Mervyn's career was incredibly varied. He served in the army during the second world war, spending part of the time as a war artist at the front. He had the unenviable task of painting soldiers with serious facial injuries, later used by pioneering plastic surgeon Sir Harold Gillies in his ground-breaking book 'The Principles and Art of Plastic Surgery'.

After the war, Mervyn continued with his work of illustrating for numerous magazines, books, and periodicals. He was exhibited at several London shows and was even commissioned to paint one of the ceilings at the magnificent Goodwood House - a house visited by the Queen and adored by Edward VII, who visited every year.

Up to retirement he continued his work as a commercial artist commissioned by large companies and corporations to produce advertisements shown on hoardings throughout the UK and worldwide. 'A happy memory for his family is being roped in as models,' Sue says. 'We had the pleasure of seeing images of ourselves pretty much everywhere we went.'

But it is his many erotic works that are piquing most interest now. These are showcased on the Shop page where you can view the collection. Click through to the product page to order online or Contact Us for more information.

Mervyn Suart Self Portrait 1964
Mervyn Suart Self Portrait 1964

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