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Welcome to MervArt!

We’re excited to offer you original, authentic artwork from Mervyn Suart not seen by the public in 30 years. Even though we are a new company we have a very passionate and dedicated team to deliver you the best experience possible.

Our goal is to bring more awareness to Mervyn Suart's art and hopefully bring some fun and enjoyment to those who help us along that journey. New pieces of art will be released periodically in the future so stay updated by connecting with us through our social media links.

The family of one of England's foremost 20th Century portrait and life artists is bringing his work to life again. With works varying from 'a little daring to downright naughty' they are set to reinvigorate interest...

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Mervyn's career was incredibly varied. He served in the army during the second world war, spending part of the time as a war artist at the front. He had the unenviable task of painting soldiers with serious facial...

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